Virtual Assistant Can bring a difference in your Dental Practice

A Virtual Assistant or VA is a remote worker who provides administrative, social and projectile help for any institution. They work as a body that enables the institution to work efficiently at a low cost. The VAs generally have years of experience of working as a secretary and management. They deal with clients directly and help the owner save time and expenditure.

It is seen that the world-class dentist in developed countries hire VA for their odd jobs which let them concern solely on Dentistry. Apparently, India happens to be the largest provider of VA for the dentists. On an overview, a Dentist or Hygienist fails to manage everything from their appointments to running errands. Now a personal assistant needs a handsome salary which is saved when you recruit a VA as they are affordable.

How does the VA help a Dentist?

  1. Administrative support- A VA manages all the appointments along with schedules. They even manage the patient reports which a Dentist fails to do properly for the increasing patient numbers. A Virtual Assistant also handles data entry and research which a dentist never gets time to do. All this is done with proper care and sent weekly by them via Google Documents or Mails.
  2. Bookkeeping- With Xero or QuickBooks a VA can easily work with the tally, accounts, and bookkeeping. They calculate varying data and check data on a regular basis which helps the clinic run properly.
  3. Email Marketing and Customer Service- A dentist rarely gets time to interact with patients in a daily manner. At times, it is seen that the clinic fails to meet the patient’s requirements as the interaction is weak. The updates of your contact and routine are not possible when the clinic solely depends on the dentist. A Virtual Assistant can work as a mediator between the patient and dentist by interacting on a regular basis and chit-chatting with the patient when needed.
  4. Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing- A Virtual Assistant also helps in promoting clinics in social media as they work as the PR team. With your VA a clinic can cut the cost of having two different departments. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn a dentist gets exposure to a large market which increases their profit.
  5. Project Management- A VA can create a website where a patient can enroll themselves and which increases the number of patients. The website they design lets the Clinic reach people on a daily basis and the Virtual Assistant takes care of its maintenance, updates, and bookings. The more socially a clinic work the better is its profit.

Hence to conclude, a Virtual Assistant saves the cost of the Clinic by handling everything through a computer which saves time as well. The clinic needs not to pay for a desk and computer and the cost of having a front desk as a VA works efficiently enough and the extra cost of paying for a receptionist, PR team, Internet facility, Infrastructure, and computer. With a Virtual Assistant, you can very well get a better facility with minimal cost.

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